Carbon Trading Game

In search for a global solution to climate change, George Woodman, director of Teng Hoi Conservation Organisation, designed the Carbon Trading Game as a method to translate difficult concepts and technical terminology about carbon emissions and global warming into a language that can be readily understood by the public. A movement to change the unsustainable habits of corporate and school communities, the game directly reduces carbon emissions by targeting the core of the Climate Change problem: altering the hearts and minds of people to reduce unnecessary consumption.

Based on the Trading Game originally created by Christian Aid, the Carbon Trading Game has the same fundamental concept of a simplified world consisting of six countries that compete with each in a global economy through trade. The simulation builds in production, money, politics, and challenges participants with problems such as resource shortages and an imposition of a carbon trading system.

Suitable for all ages, the Carbon Trading Game is a interactive and experiential method that sparks interest and spurs action. Participants learn about the complexities of the carbon trading system as well as the important issues of climate change, sustainability, and technological development. The game also aligns well with UNESCO’s themes of Education for Sustainable Development and Climate Change.

The success of the Carbon Trading Game is attributed to its ability to engage and captivate interest. We believe that it is concern in carbon emissions and climate change that is essential to bring about changes of habits and a reduction in emissions as well as bolstering the political will to make international agreements.


Where has the game been held in the past?

The game was first run in Li Po Chun United World College in 2009 and since then, interest in the program has grown rapidly. Our Carbon Trading Game has been delivered in local and international schools, universities and as training events for company professionals. Below are some examples of where the Carbon Trading Game has been held in the past.

Cathay Pacific and Swire Group
American Youth Leadership Program
Li Po Chun United World College
Ng Yuk Secondary School
The Hong Kong Institute of Education
City University of Hong Kong
Sha Tin College

Outward Bound Hong Kong
King George V School 
Sai Kung Central Lee Siu Yam Memorial School
Creative Secondary School
HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute No.2 Secondary School
Lingnan Secondary School
International Christian School

Video courtesty of 政府青少年網站

In the Media 

Carbon trading enters the classroom – South China Morning Post, 05 July 2009, Dan Kadison.

To trade or not to trade: that is the question – In-House Community, 08 July 2013.

Carbon Trading Game and Green Internship –, 2012.

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